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La Crosse, WI
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June 24, 2024 11:34 am

Local News

Gas Prices Continue to Drop in 2024


Drivers around the nation are happy to see the prices at the gas pump, especially given the ongoing events in the Middle East and the potential for colder months to have pushed prices up. As of January 9th, gas prices sit at $3.08 per gallon, down from $3.28 per gallon a year ago according to AAA data. 

In Wisconsin, gas prices remain well below the national average. It currently sits at $2.62 per gallon, 23 cents below where it was one month ago and 49 cents below where it was one year ago. 

In the La Crosse area, drivers are continuing to benefit from declining gas prices, which have fallen to $2.67 per gallon, about 50 cents less than it was one year ago and 11 cents lower than one month ago.

To see more about gas prices across Wisconsin, data from AAA can be found here.