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La Crosse, WI
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June 24, 2024 3:06 am

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La Crosse Metro Area Falling Gas Prices are a Welcome Sign for Drivers

Isabella Mendes at Pexels

For drivers around the country, the prices that are being seen at the pump are a welcome sign. Particularly as the ongoing conflict in the Middle East and the greater reliance on oil and gas in the winter months could have sent gas prices higher. But it’s been exactly the opposite as December 18th saw the average national price fall to a 2023 low of $3.06 a gallon. 

Currently, the average gas price across the United States, according to AAA data, is just $3.13 a gallon, 12 cents lower than it was a month ago. 

In Wisconsin, drivers are seeing even more favorable prices, with the statewide average well below $3 a gallon. It currently sits at $2.72 a gallon, 22 cents lower than where it was a month ago. And even more promising, the price has fallen below where it was this time last year, and has continued to decrease in recent weeks. 

Drivers in the La Crosse metro area are also reaping the benefits of lower gas prices come holiday time. Prices in the metro area are down to $2.83 a gallon, 12 cents from a month ago.