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La Crosse, WI
5:44 am8:38 pm CDT
July 22, 2024 5:24 pm

Local News

Mental Health Funding is a Priority for Wisconsin


Mohamed Bughrara

In the entire state of Wisconsin, there is only a pocket of dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) programs. Nearly 6 percent of individuals living in the Badger State have a borderline personality disorder. 

According to Wisconsin Health News, in February, Governor Evers committed to investing $27 million towards emergency medical services and an additional $25 million in mental health resources for the University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin National Guard, and k-12 schools.  

From the nearly 800 emergency medical service providers in Wisconsin, 50 percent of them remain functioning with the help of volunteers or mixed in with paid providers. With costs increasing, fewer and fewer volunteers can contribute. 

To counter that, funds from the American Rescue Act will be allocated to help purchase ambulances, more training for first responders, medical equipment, and increase staffing. 

Twenty percent of individuals affected by borderline personality disorder are mental health patients, who have an increased suicidal rate of 50 times more than the general public. 

For more resources on suicide prevention.