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La Crosse, WI
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April 23, 2024 3:12 pm

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Senator Baldwin Helps Secure Funding to Treat La Crosse Wells for PFAS Contamination

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According to a city press release

The City of La Crosse can look forward to bringing back online key water supplies thanks to the support of Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin. Among the earmarks designated for Wisconsin in the new federal omnibus spending package is $3,730,000 to treat city water wells for contamination of PFAs chemicals. 

Senator Baldwin said this about the funding designation: “I worked to fund this project because I want to help local communities in Wisconsin address PFAs chemicals and provide safe and clean drinking water for people. This federal funding provides direct support for the City of La Crosse to make improvements to their water infrastructure that will serve the community and I’m proud to have delivered results for the people of Wisconsin.” 

La Crosse Mayor Mitch Reynolds looks forward to the positive changes this will bring to the city’s water supply. “This funding creates a pathway forward for our city’s water utility to address the impact of socalled forever chemicals on our drinking water supply,” said Reynolds. “I am grateful to Senator Tammy Baldwin and her staff for helping us navigate the earmark application process which has led to this transformational level of funding.” 

La Crosse Utilities Manager, Bernie Lenz, led the successful earmark application. “From the utility worker in the hole fixing the leak to the Utility Board, it is our goal to provide safe clean reliable water to the citizens of La Crosse,” said Lenz. “It is a boost to have Senator Baldwin and the federal government support that effort with these funds dedicated to helping us remove PFAs. It takes that type of a team to face these types of challenges.” 

While treatment at wellheads will help provide a stable and clean water supply for La Crosse and other users, Mayor Reynolds noted the need for a more comprehensive approach in the future. “Ultimately, the responsibility for the spread of these chemicals throughout the precious waters of our nation lies with the manufacturers who have profited from their use. While we continue to push for accountability, the City of La Crosse can help lead the way towards helping smaller communities learn how to adapt through treatment of current water sources.”